Got bulk order on night vision goggles


We have got an bulk order from North American market which company professional on night vision and thermal image.

First, they know that our company main business on OEM and ODM night vision devices housing, then know that LDNV008N can fit MX-10160 image intensifier tubes(IIT) which made by PHOTONIS which is same as PVS31 housing, they have cooperate with PHOTONIS for many years;

Second, they order a housing and install the tube by themselves, they compared with pvs 31, BNVD 1431 and other night vision goggles, our optical quality and night effect impressed them.

After long time testing, they make the desicion to place a bulk order from us, the below video showing the eyepieces lens set which prepared for them.

Now the production still online and will be finished in the at the end of July.

Our company also offer the four tubes Ground Panoramic Night Vision Goggles(GPNVG) which is better than GPNVG18, our FOV 120 degree, well the Eotech GPNVG only 97 degree.

Below video show the design and night effect:

If you are interested in any items, please list the model NO.s for price.

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