MX11769 type image intensifier tubes for PVS14 are ready for delivery


One of our VIP customer send and inquiry on MX11769 type tubes for PVS14 housing kit, well no other information offered on the tube like Green or white, FOM value, resolution, SNR, Gain which are main features on image intensifier tube, after talking and quoted the different features’ price, customer made their decision.

In order to help customer to clear the custom in their local place, we make detailed packaging details accordingly.

Then our Sales offer PI for customer to make payment, offer the payment copy can start production.

After about 35 days, the production finished and ready for delivery, before that the each tube’s data sheet offered to customer by email.

As known that the MX-11769 tube is manual gain control tube, it is good partner for PVS14 housing kit.

We also can offer MX-10160 type tube which used on GPNVG18 housing kit, PVS31 housing kit, MX-10130 type tube which used on PVS-7 housing kit.

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